What is an Employee Assistance Program?

An EAP is an employer-sponsored service designed for personal or family problems, including mental health, substance abuse, various addictions, marital problems, parenting problems, emotional problems, or financial or legal concerns. This is typically a service provided by an employer to the employees, designed to assist employees in getting help for these problems so that they may remain on the job and effective. ..Over the years, EAP has expanded to also incorporate not only mental health and substance abuse issues but also health and wellness and work/life types of concerns. - from the Employee Assistance Trade Association


Contact your employer's Human Resource Department to learn more about EAPs and discover what resources you may have to assist you in getting help for your family.


 At Embark Counseling, we are able to bill most Employee Assistance Programs.  

We recognize that EAPs are an important benefit to employees.  They are confidential and provide a variety of helpful services including Marital and Relationship Counseling and Counseling for Children and Families. Providing for your family is a fundamental responsibility. However, it can be difficult to maintain a job and perform well on the job when employees are distracted by challenges at home.

 Ask your employer if EAP assistance is available to you.